Stellar Holsters for Laser Equipped pistols

Kydex Holsters are faster on the draw and lock securely - without straps or snaps !

We offer a full line of Holsters that will accomodate your Laser Equipped pistol. Inside the Waistband and Paddle for the bigger guns and Pocket or NeckChain Concealment Rigs for the "Mouse Guns."

The list is growing all the time. For current listing of what style holster we make for your pistol and which laser the holster is designed to accomodate; just click on an order button

Stellar Holsters for pistols equipped with trigger guard mounted lasers

Kahr PM9 with Crimson Trace Trace LaserGuard (shown above and below) in Stellar Rigs I.W.B. with ABS 1 1/4" "J Hook" hardware.

Although most folks prefer to drop the tiny "Mouse Guns" in the pocket or hang them around the neck; We also do I.W.B.s for the ever popular Kahr, Kel-Tec and Ruger .380s

We currently have a number of I.W.B., Paddle and Belt Holsters for "Crimson Trace Equipped" Pistols. Click the order button to see the current list of the ones you want in the "I.W.B., Paddle or Belt Rigs" sections.

We use Blade-Tech hardware on many of our rigs simply because it is the best in the business and modular. As the Blade-Tech engineers continue to create innovative and practical accessories we will continue to incorporate them in our products.

Stellar Pocket Holsters for pistols equipped with trigger guard mounted lasers.

Pocket Holster Model A (shown above) for Armalaser Equipped Kel-Tec P-32/AT

Pocket Holster Model A (shown above) for LaserMax Equipped Ruger LC9

Stellar Pocket Holsters for Crimson Trace LaserGuard equipped pistols

Model A Pocket Holsters (shown on Kel-Tec P-32/AT and Kahr P380 - above)

Model C (with spare Magazine pouch) Pocket Holsters (Shown with Kahr P380 - below)

*Note* The Model C is much wider with the laser than without because the adjustable tension screw Must go between the laser and the magazine pouch. You will need as much as 6" width in the pocket. Perfect for Cargo pockets and other large pockets. Click the order button to see the current list of the ones you want in the "Pocket Holster Rigs" section.

Neck Chain Concealment Rigs for Crimson Trace LaserGuard equipped pistols

The Model E (as shown above and below on a Kahr P380) is available for several semi-autos Including Kel-Tecs and LCPs. Click the order button to see the current list of the ones you want in the "Neck Chain Rigs" section of our order page.

These little rigs were originally created for the Law Enforcement community but word has spread fast and today 30% of our buyers are civilian permit holders

** WARNING** For most pistols we offer an "Extreme Duty" Model. It holds the pistol so tightly that you may hurt your neck trying to deploy it! If you are not jumping out of helicopters or trying to keep others from taking away your concealed pistol This is NOT for you. The regular model and light duty models hold the weapon nice and secure.

Neck Chain Concealment Rigs for LaserMax equipped pistols

Ruger LCP with LaserMax (shown above)

1000 ways die viagra overdose, viagra safe heart medication, best retail pharmacy viagra price, average age for viagra use, cheap viagra super active 100mg We are also currently producing Holsters to accommodate Pistols with "Rail Mounted" lasers. SIG 229 with LaserMax Unimax "Micro" (shown above). This is a "Custom Shop" item at this time. Click on the email button on the bottom of the page if you would like information on having us make one for your pistol. As certain "Rail Mounted" lasers become popular on particular pistols; we will make molds to produce them and offer "same day shipping" as we have with our current stock items.

Photos by: Andre M. Dall'au

Add a Tuf Cloth to your order for only $8.99 ($9.99 for Marine Grade)

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