Specialty / Custom Gun Rigs

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This page is dedicated to holsters that accomodate Pistols with lasers mounted

I.W.B., Paddle, Pocket and Neckchain holsters are represented here

Neck Chain Holsters

N.A.A., & Freedon Arms 22 LR and the 22 Magnum "Mini-Revolvers"

Now Kel-Tec P-32!

Zero Footprint

(Inside Pants/Behind Back Quick-Draw Holster)

warrior rigs

Carbine Pistol Rigs

Shotgun Concealment Rig

Bull-Pup Concealment Rig

M-11 .380 Concealment Rig

Concealed Carry Bag

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Andre M. Dall'au

Not Sold Separately

Add a Tuf-Cloth to your order for only $8.97

Marine Grade Tuf-Cloth $9.99

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