Bull-Pup Concealment Rig

This rig was created to carry (wear) the Bull-Pup carbines. Because the Bull-Pup carbines have no folding stocks to entangle you; and because they have a trigger and pistol grip away from your armpit, they are ideal for just this type of carry.

Unlike other long gun concealment rigs, our Bull-Pup rig allows fast and safe deployment without unfastening or adjusting the weapon in anyway. To present the weapon, you simply grab the pistol grip and rotate it into service.

To counter balance it's weight, a custom molded shoulder holster is built in for your back up pistol.



Like all of our custom concealment rigs, this one contours to your body like a shadow. The Bull-Pup carbine hangs in such a way that it always hugs your torso. It moves with you in a way that makes you feel like you and the Bull-Pup carbine are a complete tactical unit.

Muzzle-Lite Stock kits

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Andre M. Dall'au

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