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Stellar Rigs.com has been producing Custom Kydex Solutions for ten years! We started as a knife retailing company and worked our way into the realm of police and home defense through our the development of our custom concealment Solutions. Most of our suppliers offer Police/Tactical gear, weapon upgrades and shooting supplies so adding the *hot* items is easy! Soon we will ad a "buy it in advance" page to get great pricing on products that are not even on the market - yet. Just like buying a new home before it' s built, you get a significant discount and the ability to customize it before we manufacture it! We want your input! Tell us what kind of gear you want to see here!


Hi-Cap Magazines

Mec-Tec Carbine Conversion Kits

10/22 CQC & Sniper Gear

Add a Tuf-Cloth to your order for only $8.97

Marine Grade Tuf-Cloth $9.99

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